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Official: New search for the iPad

Recently, a movie, which was shown the new redesigned search for the iPad. I am an. wrote this. , So spread the same thing the video does not make sense, but there is a ' NO ' - now the whole thing came out officially. So let's see what it says about the fact itself. Google.

Today we present an updated.
Google Search app for the iPad. We have added many new search features and significantly changed the appearance of the application. It has become more interactive and intuitive. Now find the web is what you are looking for, it's even easier.

More interactive features.

Start typing a query and make sure that the search has become faster and more interactive. Live Search displays results as far as how you enter a query - you do not even have to click the ... Choose one of the links and you will see how the desired Web page appears in the new sails over the bar with the search results page. To return to the previous page, just ... Search results can be viewed even while the page loads! . Search results appear on the left, and the web page - right on the pop-up panel.

More visual features.

Search results for pictures become clearer. When you select an image, open the Radial Menu, which allows a better look at pictures. That picture you have chosen is increasing, and see the rest of the results can be simply prolistnuv radial menus.

It often happens that you need to return to previous search results, or continue to browse related links. However, not everyone is comfortable to type text on the tablet. So we created a new interface search history. Prolistnuv right, you'll see screenshots of the pages that have already came. They arranged for search queries. You can also manage search history.

The new version of the application appeared preview pages. It allows you to view the page before you go to a particular site. By clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen, you'll see screenshots of the found pages and can easily flip through them with your finger.

Easier Search.

And the last. We've added a few more features, and hope that they will help more quickly find the information you need. Once you have selected one of the results in the upper right corner of the magnifying glass icon will appear. Click on it - and the page will automatically be selected for you the most interesting region. To the left of the magnifying glass button appears a. With it you can recommend a page that seemed interesting to you, other users. Because of this they will be able to find information faster.

In addition, we have added a new menu applications with which you will be much easier to find and run the services Google: News, calendar - and many others. This menu is a new pop-up panel. Thanks to him, you can easily open a Gmail e-mail or publish a post on Google. If you move the bar to the right, you go back to search results.

If installed on your iPad iOS version 4. 0 ( or higher ), you can download the new Google search from the App Store. Make your searching faster and more interactive now!.

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