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Levitas - More money from your business

A little on the heads of:.
The main secret of successful advertising.
- Does not say, but how to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising and successfully, and that's a key point on which many entrepreneurs and stumble, reducing assessment to a purely intuitive.
- Use 10% of the budget for the experiments for the existing channels of advertising is not always possible and often likely and impossible. such as the budget of 30 t. p. , A total of three experiments on the T. p. if before the budget went to the magazine and radio advertising, we need to experiment with your existing advertising budget of the whole, rather than 10%. At 3 m. p. We can try to up new channels of advertising - print flyers, try to promote through search engines.

As a phrase can raise sales tripled.
Example for a free journalism is a clear example of marketing lies. Its if you can use it only for one-time sale. Anyway example is quite questionable - too small an audience of users rates. py.

How to create the appearance of the TSS.
Hopkins did not have anything to do with beer Schlitz, even then it was Ogilvy. And the concept was invented by the USP as 30 years after Hopkins.

There is something to be proud of - show off.
If the board and use of advances in display advertising, then with great caution, because a surplus of titles and accomplishments can lead to loss of confidence in such advertising. Examples of winemakers and Branson absolutely not the topic - what makes Branson - is almost pure PR, advertising it demonstrated the strength of one time (advertising bags Samsonite), and the medals home winemakers and producers of water for a long time, no one pays any attention, but .

The proper amount of suitable material.
Use in advertising phrases like ... phones in a month ' in my opinion is also incorrect, at least need to find out whether there are customers in mind the criteria for comparison - a large number of it or not. And if no such criteria, it is worth their mark in advertising - ' sell 100 thousand. phones, two times more than any other company town '. In this course the comparison must be correct and best confirmed by a third party - the media or public research.

How to deal with reviews.
Levitas did not perform, then that he wrote - had never published an anonymous feedback from their listeners, so the question arises whether all of his reviews is true.

two future.
Something the author of some problems with math. Lost profits is why we wrote in the costs and considers a profit of 4% on revenue of $ 6,000, although the formulation of the problem in question, a possible increase in revenue of 4%, and about the size of the profit does not say anything at all.

Corporate money.
It is simply what is confusion in the mind of the author, corporate money can only be used with regular customers, it is possible, and with irregular, it is possible for small firms, it is only for the rich. As if the author had not met with a gift certificate that almost every second shop there because it can not decide who should apply them, and even came up with the name of the individual.

105 grams.
Complete nonsense at the expense of weighing cheese 220 ​​grams, it's a bulk or liquid bulk products, this could still pass, but that when cutting off a piece of cheese from a large range of timber, or it is very difficult to cut as much as you want to purchase - may get more or less.

In general, the book meets regularly advice on investing no more than 10 % of the budget in the testing of new types of advertising that may be impracticable for firms with a ' partisan ' budget, they may be required and 100% of the total budget to just try a new kind of advertising.

Many of the examples cited in the book, the author seems to come up with myself, because they are highly questionable from the standpoint of ordinary logic and confuse cause and effect, or simply boil down to ' the boy said, the boy knows it '.

In general, the main question that remains after reading - and what's involved in marketing the company and why he does not know those basic principles, which are described in the book and who would have to be him to become known to him while studying at the Institute. Although I still think that the book is quite good for a least a systematic marketing in a very small business with this task, it could easily cope.

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