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A top client - as a step in the career

Everyone is familiar contempt for web studios, who have a portfolio of only the alteration of their own site, and several IP. After all, everyone immediately clear that this is all the orders ' by acquaintance '. And if not three, but the stereotype is a stereotype. not overcome. Therefore, the client needs a top-end, which immediately rearrange you up a notch.

Many consider themselves to be so qualified, it is better to do it for 30 thousand. every entrepreneur than 10 thousand. organization, which on everyone's lips long unsold businessman in the city. You are the same? .

Of course, I will send any fuck Toba, who will come and twist my arm, hoping to knock off the cost of the project to zero. I, like many of those who are reading this, I heard a 'yes you should be grateful that we have addressed to you '. I silently nodded and said to himself, ' Go fuck '. And what else? . So - what hand twist.

Several times I was told ' you know, the situation is ': the budget or just painted, there is only a budget for support or just good at bartering. That's when I started to consider. Benefits and perspectives. Actually - this is the main feature that distinguishes a businessman from the employee. Where an employee sees a direct benefit, a business is able to see the future. And to hell with their money - through the years will be to big money! . You'll also bite your elbows. A late.

I find it difficult to define the masthead to the client - how can you teach intuition? . The client will be loyal to you and after the execution of the contract ( very important). It is important not so much the presence of a client 's portfolio, as it reviews. You can make the City Hall site, but then razosratsya with them - and this is a dead asset. A contract with the local power company for three years - this is a great asset that will bring you customers.

Can be a good asset, and to make concessions. I guess my major breakthroughs have been linked to the fact that I was going to make concessions with customers. So you do not make concessions to other. Businessmen - the same people and are willing to pay for the work of those who have entrusted their orders top companies. And once I get paid more, then I can pay more to their employees, therefore - the quality of work increases. So it is sometimes to give.

Want to increase your studio - look to the client. This is your main campaign. And to hell with him to the portfolio. It's no wonder so fighting for the title of ' Supplier of the Kremlin ', when in fact it is not so. But it sounds nice. We live in a world of words and concepts. And the higher your previous customers, the easier it is to work with the following. The truth however unpleasant for most of these clients, so simple and. Everyone wants to join, even if it denies.

Someone will say ' what about the quality of work? ' . Only he does not know what to work on the order of the quality of work can only be a superficial view. Often the good work on the site shall work on design. And half an hour I recently explained to the client why the site is steeper than the A site B, while B is better in design than a. Well the client does not know all zamorochek. But the experience of working with top clients and D tell him that if they trust, and performance should be adequate.

This time, a second point is that the premium at the expense of working with top clients allows you to work with good professionals and give to the mountain of good quality. Hence, the victim 's worth it.

Appreciate your work, but learning how to be flexible - that's the salt of the business.


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Basics of solar cells.

So, we stopped at an intermediate stage, solar cell production. The original plates have been several successive. chemical treatments. In which the disturbed layer was removed and shaped you want us to micro - texture. Then on the front surface. was formed by diffusion of shallow pn junction. That is the foundation of all products and significantly affecting its future options. Finally, the ends of the plates were. plasma etching. With which they were removed from the parasitic n-layer that is electrically severed the front and the back surface of solar cell. Need to move on.

antireflection coating.

As you remember, with the texture, we have reduced the reflection from the surface of the plate from 35% to 11%. This means that one tenth of the radiation incident on the surface of a solar still will be reflected back and will not be able to participate in the process of generating an electric current. In order to further reduce these losses, which are classified as optical, the next process step on the working surface of solar cells is applied to the so-called anti-reflective coating ( AOT). Based on the laws of optics, the engineers selected thickness and refractive index coating, so that we can reduce the reflection of up to 1-2 %. And this is a very good indicator.

Etched (top) and neprotravlennaya multikremnievye plate before and after the application of AOP.

Today there are so many different types of antireflection coatings that are applied to several different techniques (APCVD, LPCVD, PECVD, and m. n. ). In practice, as the ANC for silicon solar cells are most commonly used titanium oxide film or silicon nitride, with the latter increasingly favored. Silicon nitride is usually applied by PECVD, t. e. accelerated by the plasma chemical deposition from the gas phase, in a special tube furnaces.

Chetyrehtrubnaya PECVD deposition furnace for AOP.

PECVD process assumes that the chemical reagent, getting into the zone of the reactor falls under the influence of the plasma temperature and the individual elements, which are then deposited on the surface of the plate and react chemically. As a result, the front surface of the plate, ... Its thickness is about 70 nm, which is much smaller than the microprism texture and allows for the effect antiotrazheniya regardless of the structure of the surface relief.

This method provides a very good uniformity of the coating. Estimate the thickness of the AOP can be quite easy on the eye, even. Optics is that the more unequal thickness, the stronger the color of the plate varies. The same effect can be observed looking at the spilled in a puddle of gasoline - the film shimmers with rainbow colors, letting them know how to change its thickness. Other known methods of applying AOP often require pre- coating the solution onto the surface of the plate, which can not be made uniformly ( a substance will accumulate in the ... This also affects the result in the appearance of the solar cell and impairs its parameters.

Multikremnievye plates with different thicknesses of AOP.

After applying AOP silicon plate absorbs most of the solar radiation.
incident on its surface. Moreover, the coating thickness is optimized so that the most effective work in the most effective range of the spectrum. A little later I plan to devote a separate publication of this issue, and now I can only say that it is the blue part of the spectrum. It is because of this, all solar cells have a beautiful, deep dark blue color.

After applying AOP solar cell is almost ready. Under the influence of radiation inside the device is already happening generation of charge carriers, which are then separated and the pn junction is almost ready for further use. But they need to pass in the load circuit, and for this it is necessary to form contacts on the surface of the solar cell. This is what we discuss in an upcoming issue.

Especially for the site '. Solar Energy. '.

The site survey is conducted on the topic ' Is there any prospects for solar power in Russia or Ukraine? '. The form of the survey is located on the main page in the sidebar on the right - you go, look, leave your voice. Responses received an additional 5 days.

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Levitas - More money from your business

A little on the heads of:.
The main secret of successful advertising.
- Does not say, but how to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising and successfully, and that's a key point on which many entrepreneurs and stumble, reducing assessment to a purely intuitive.
- Use 10% of the budget for the experiments for the existing channels of advertising is not always possible and often likely and impossible. such as the budget of 30 t. p. , A total of three experiments on the T. p. if before the budget went to the magazine and radio advertising, we need to experiment with your existing advertising budget of the whole, rather than 10%. At 3 m. p. We can try to up new channels of advertising - print flyers, try to promote through search engines.

As a phrase can raise sales tripled.
Example for a free journalism is a clear example of marketing lies. Its if you can use it only for one-time sale. Anyway example is quite questionable - too small an audience of users rates. py.

How to create the appearance of the TSS.
Hopkins did not have anything to do with beer Schlitz, even then it was Ogilvy. And the concept was invented by the USP as 30 years after Hopkins.

There is something to be proud of - show off.
If the board and use of advances in display advertising, then with great caution, because a surplus of titles and accomplishments can lead to loss of confidence in such advertising. Examples of winemakers and Branson absolutely not the topic - what makes Branson - is almost pure PR, advertising it demonstrated the strength of one time (advertising bags Samsonite), and the medals home winemakers and producers of water for a long time, no one pays any attention, but .

The proper amount of suitable material.
Use in advertising phrases like ... phones in a month ' in my opinion is also incorrect, at least need to find out whether there are customers in mind the criteria for comparison - a large number of it or not. And if no such criteria, it is worth their mark in advertising - ' sell 100 thousand. phones, two times more than any other company town '. In this course the comparison must be correct and best confirmed by a third party - the media or public research.

How to deal with reviews.
Levitas did not perform, then that he wrote - had never published an anonymous feedback from their listeners, so the question arises whether all of his reviews is true.

two future.
Something the author of some problems with math. Lost profits is why we wrote in the costs and considers a profit of 4% on revenue of $ 6,000, although the formulation of the problem in question, a possible increase in revenue of 4%, and about the size of the profit does not say anything at all.

Corporate money.
It is simply what is confusion in the mind of the author, corporate money can only be used with regular customers, it is possible, and with irregular, it is possible for small firms, it is only for the rich. As if the author had not met with a gift certificate that almost every second shop there because it can not decide who should apply them, and even came up with the name of the individual.

105 grams.
Complete nonsense at the expense of weighing cheese 220 ​​grams, it's a bulk or liquid bulk products, this could still pass, but that when cutting off a piece of cheese from a large range of timber, or it is very difficult to cut as much as you want to purchase - may get more or less.

In general, the book meets regularly advice on investing no more than 10 % of the budget in the testing of new types of advertising that may be impracticable for firms with a ' partisan ' budget, they may be required and 100% of the total budget to just try a new kind of advertising.

Many of the examples cited in the book, the author seems to come up with myself, because they are highly questionable from the standpoint of ordinary logic and confuse cause and effect, or simply boil down to ' the boy said, the boy knows it '.

In general, the main question that remains after reading - and what's involved in marketing the company and why he does not know those basic principles, which are described in the book and who would have to be him to become known to him while studying at the Institute. Although I still think that the book is quite good for a least a systematic marketing in a very small business with this task, it could easily cope.